Option Gravity’s product are developed and manufactured with the best materials in the market. Every suit is manmade and we use a triple stitching way with very strong threads. Safety first to maintain our 5 stars reputation and service 


Option Gravity is not liable for any injuries, loss or damage that may occur to you or your equipment. Orders undergo quality checks before any shipment. Being an E-commerce site, colour may be displayed differently due to monitor alteration, therefore after production no claims can be addressed for such topic. Pictures used to display our products are real, but little details might vary according to new developments and restyle. In case of manufacturing issues and mistakes, Option Gravity will replace or find a solution for the defective order. Refund will not be possible.



Product’s contents and images could be modified at any time according to product or website upgrades. Option Gravity has the right to amend or update the product’s display without warnings.



Option Gravity guarantees a delivery time for Suits and Shorts of 4 weeks, including shipment, from the Order Confirmation reception. However, the customer needs to calculate an extra week in case the shipment delays. From the 5th week customer is invited to get in touch with Option Gravity to get more information about the order status. Other products are shipped within 2 working days, according to stock availability. Tracking numbers will be always provided.



Orders are placed mainly on the E-commerce store online, but can be taken as well by E-mail, Text-message and directly from our dealers Option Gravity. Once the order is placed cancellation won’t be possible. 


Customer assumes full responsibility if measures are self-taken and Option Gravity is not liable in case of orders received with wrong measurements. Option Gravity has provided size charts and order forms for all the concerned products. Each customer, when not sure, is invited to address questions at all times to Option Gravity using E-mail or social network messages. Option Gravity allows 2 cm tolerance for the custom orders without refund/exchange. In order to be more efficient, let another person help you with the measures. In case some measures are noticed incorrect, the customer will receive a notification to verify the size concerned. For standard sizes instead, we have followed the regular European size chart. 


Prices seen on the website are to be considered tax excluded, the VAT will apply only for Switzerland at check out. Prices may be revised at any time according to manufacturing costs and other reasons. The original price is listed in CHF and a conversion to other currency will be available according to the actual conversion rate calculated by the web.



Option Gravity might sponsor some Skydiving competition by gifting goodies and products. In competitions Vouchers might be won and have a validity based on the product type. Please make sure you receive the information or ask for it if not reported. Yearly Option Gravity might promote his products with some discounts which will never be higher than 30%.



Orders will be checked out by using Credit Card (secured payment via Stripe) or anticipated Wire Transfer, unless have been agreed by written E-mail or text with Option Gravity. Bank details are reported on the website and in the order email.



Goods in stock will be shipped within 2 working days from order/payment reception. Option Gravity uses FedEx and Swiss Post services based on weight and destination. Our packaging is carefully selected by using only 100% recyclable paper for boxes and labels. Sometime is necessary the use of plastic films to reinforce the packaging and make it waterproof. 

In order to keep a competitive shipping price, fair to any kind of amount purchased, Option Gravity ships DDU. Meaning that Custom of the destination country might charge for custom clearance and taxes. These charges are born by the buyer.

In case the order will be received damaged or mistaken, pictures will be requested to open the claim. The customer will have 7 days to open the claim in case of discrepancy. Once Option Gravity validated the claim the process of returning/resending will begin free of charge. 



Option Gravity offers to his clients an after-sales repair service in majority of the cases. In case of holes, cuts, broken parts due to overuse, harsh landings, wall burns, and old broken zippers or parts, please send pictures and we will provide the best advice or, if in warranty, a supply of the fabric or the option to send it for a repair. Option Gravity will inform the client about when sending the item to the factory also by supplying you an estimated date of completion. Option Gravity will charge the customer processing costs, plus material cost, return shipping and taxes if applicable.