•      4 high speed warnings
  •      0.5 second pulsing tones between the 1st and 2nd warning help to keep track of treble separation from
  •      Keep tracking groups or waves.
  •      Up to three warning signals during climb
  •     Thin, ergonomic and comfortable curved design
  •      Durable rubberized coating
  •      LCD display for easy and intuitive operation
  •      Individual volume settings for free fall and paragliding
  •      Alarm volume of the warnings adjustable
  •      Eight memory banks for custom alert settings
  •      Swoop alarm with different acoustic signals to determine the optimal swoop corridor.
  •      Meter or feet display
  •      water resistant
  •      Height adjustment in 3 m or 10 ft. increments
  •      Altitude display during climb
  •      Built-in clock
  •      On / Off mode
  •      Integrated mounting holes; fits in any helmet, inside or outside
  •      Long-lasting batteries
  •     Dimension 52mm x 40mm x 12mm


2 pieces Renata CR2325, 3 volt batteries.


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