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Option Gravity’s packaging and labelling are carefully selected using only 100% recycled paper.


Has been selected only the best material and we carefully follow your order for the entire manufacturing process until delivery.


Despite the high quality materials and attentive manufacturing we managed to have very accessible prices


We are the first in the skydiving market to add specific features to apparel, making our products specifically designed for skydivers

The Ground

Skydiving and BASE jumping have in common a unique bond with the outdoors and nature. ​The desire of free falling and the perseverance to conquer the sky creates a very addictive, unique and rewarding spirit. ​

This spirit is Option Gravity’s energy. We develop our products by listening carefully to your needs and ideas without neglecting the respect for the nature.

An aimed design, unique features and high quality are a must. Moreover we reject as much as we can disposable plastic and we use only recyclable paper for our labelling and shipping boxes. ​Thank you for helping us to carrying on this way. For us, for our planet.

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