The biggest upgrade ever

As one of our distributors, we’d like to give you early notice about the upcoming release of the biggest upgrade to the Brilliant Pebbles! With USB-C, iPhone compatibility, and finally Bluetooth, it’s a huge step in the usability of our popular audible.

iPhone Compatibility

Compatible with both Android and iOS devices

This has been the most common request to us for the Brilliant Pebbles.

We’re releasing an iOS app at the same time as an Android app, so iPhone users can use them from day 1!

With no need for a cable, the app is easier to use than ever.

Secure Bluetooth

Convenience AND Security

No other bluetooth audible currently on the market has security on its bluetooth – any device can connect to them, making them vulnerable to connection by mistake, or worse, malicious tampering.

Brilliant Pebbles remembers its owners’ phone – once you connect to your audible, it will only allow that particular phone to connect to it, and no one else.

This means it can keep its bluetooth always-on – other companies’ audibles need to have the bluetooth turned on manually due to their lack of bluetooth security.

This means, you can change the alarm settings of your Brilliant Pebblewithout even taking it out of your helmet!


Brilliant Pebbles finally dispenses with its outdated micro-USB connector in favour of the new USB-C connector.

With most devices moving to the USB-C standard, a skydiver can use the same cable to charge their phone, GoPro, Kindle, BrilliantPebble, and more!

This is way ahead of most other audibles which are still using coin cells for batteries.

Technical specifications

  • operating altitude: 0 to 30,000ft (0m to 11000m)
  • up to 20 different alarms with 9 different tones
  • works with Android or iOS phones
  • feet or metres setting
  • charging: USB type C
  • wireless, settings can be adjusted during climb to altitude
  • configurable hard deck alarm altitude and speed
  • altitude offset
  • battery life: approximately 1 month or 100 jumps
  • automatic power-off after 16 hours (AAD-like operation)
  • dimensions: 56x41x11mm (same overall as previous version)
  • Automatic app updates and wireless firmware updates



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